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6 Best Chair for Lower Back Pain

Do you often sit in a chair for a long time? For example, 8-12 hours per day? Be careful. You must use the best office chair for lower back pain.

Why? Sitting in the chair for a long time often make you suffer from back pain. In fact, it could be worse than that. For example, your back bent.

Sitting on a chair for long periods often create stress on the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. It also could add to the pressure on back muscles and spinal discs.

The cause is your static posture. You always in fixed position. No movement whatsoever.

Tendency of Sitting for Long: Bowing

The results of some research stated that the natural tendency of most people who sit too long is back bend.

You can check yourself. Notice when you are sitting for a long time.

At first, you sit with your spine straight. But, after sitting in an hour, you start to feel tired. You do not feel comfortable sitting upright.

Without realizing it, you sit with backs bent. At glance, this position makes you feel comfortable.

In the long-term, sitting like that will make your spine structure damaged. It can overstretch the spinal ligaments.

The result is that you will experience back pain.

Professional Seating Dark SPACE Air Grid Back with Eco Leather Seat

Professional Seating Dark SPACE Air Grid Back with Eco Leather Seat

Ergonomic Chair Prevents Lower Back Pain

Is there the easiest way to prevent you from backache?

The easiest way is to use an ergonomic office chair. It can help you maximize the function of back. In addition, keeping your posture remains well.

For example, the seat position must correspond to what you want to sit in a healthy manner. The seat height should match the height of your desk.

Likewise for the rear backrest, armrests, footrests, seat cushions, etc.

The seat height should also be in accordance with your posture. That is why, now the ergonomic chair comes with several features for setting so that the seat position to your liking.

You can feel comfortable and healthy. Although, you sit in a chair until a long time, such as 8-12 hours a day.

6 Best Chair for Lower Back Pain: Some Best-Selling

Here is a list of the-6 best office chair for lower back pain. You can choose the one that fit for you.

Some seats are the best selling chairs. Many people loved it because of convenient and it is able to cure back pain, neck, and others.

The-6 seats are:

1. Professional Seating Dark SPACE Air Grid Back with Eco Leather Seat.

It is one of the best-selling chair in the market. He was not expensive.

There are models for managers and guests. The price is much different. Model manager sold $ 160, while the visitor models sold $ 136.

You can compare the two. Most people love the model manager. In terms of appearance, this chair is nice and interesting.

A user said he liked this chair. He bought this chair after doing some research. Previous chair makes him pain when sitting.

He works at the computer. He often spent 17 hours a day in this chair. However, he feels very comfortable. His body never complain. It’s really great.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

2. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

This ergonomic chair is equipped with pneumatic lumbar support and seat height adjustment. It was manufactured in the USA with high backrest.

Made with waterfall seat design so that the legs will not feel tired. Although you sit here for a few hours.

The price is almost the same chair with the seat number 1. However, you have five choices for the color of this seat.

Available black / gray, black, black1, Black2, and black4. The most expensive is black / gray. It sold at $ 155.99. While, the cheapest is black and black1.

Jackjan, customer: This chair is great. Assembly is very simple. I just need 10 minutes.

Both my son really liked this chair. They sit for long. They claimed comfortably. They did not have any complaints.

3. Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair

It is also the best choice for you. This not expensive, but very comfortable sitting.

This is a swivel chair. Using the lumbar support knob, three paddle mechanisms of control, back tilt tension and tilt lock paddle back control.

Donald J Merical: I bought this chair for my son who studies in medicine. He was very pleased with this chair. It was the best seat for him. He was able to sit for hours in this chair when he had to learn.

4. Aeron Chair Size C

It’s a great ergonomic chair and manufactured by Herman Miller. It is highly adjustable frame with posture-fit graphite – carbon classic.

This chair is known to be very expensive. Now, the price is $ 939.00. But, you will get a high satisfaction with the use of this chair.

It is equipped with many features that make you feel very comfortable and healthy. Although sitting for hours each day.

Many awards received by this chair because its quality. It really can prevent you from back pain, neck, neck, etc.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Camden Wallraffon: I use this chair in the computer lab. Sitting in this chair is like in heaven. All parts of my body feel comfortable.

Mesh gives way to contour you when you pushed back to plusheness. It makes my spine back straight.
Many key adjustments that make this chair very comfortable and our body becomes healthy always.

5. Aeron Chair Size Medium

This Aeron chair is different from the above. This is a medium-size. This chair is for you who his body size is medium.

Aeron provides three types. They are small, medium, and large. Most Americans using medium and large.
Slightly cheaper than the Aeron chair above, which is provided to you by body height and large.

This is also expensive. However, it provided the very high comfort. Equipped by many features and guarantees for  long time: 12 years.

If there is any damage, you can ask the repair for free. In fact, the damaged parts replaced as well. Originally, according to the agreement under warranty.

Alvin: This chair is very great. At first, I used this chair at work. Finally, I decided to buy a home.

It was very comfortable. Powered by lumbar, I could spend hours working on this chair. There are problems, but very little.

6. LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back

It is also the best choice for those who want an ergonomic office chair or a comfortable home seat.

It is produced in six colors and two styles. Namely: Leatherette seat and contemporary seat. Rear backrest made of mesh, and the seat height can be adjusted.

Lee Hermandez: I have since some time ago wanted to have this seat. When finally I was able to buy this chair, I was very happy.

Wow, this chair is best as described on the Internet. It is very comfortable, high quality and easy assembly.

It works perfectly. You need to do the assembly in accordance with the instructions.

Now, which chair do you want to choose?

It’s up to you. All are the best office chair for lower back pain.

Best Chair for Back: Lorell Chair or Air Grid Leather Chair


If you suffer from back pain due to the chair you use, you should replace it with the best chair for back. This seat is cheap, but high quality. Not believe?

You can try it yourself. Or you read the experiences of others who have used this chair. Generally they praised that this seat is very comfortable and can prevent you from backache.

There are some best office chair for back pain to choose from. You could choose seats are sold at low prices: under $ 200 for each seat.

In fact, there are offices that use the Aeron chair before, but now turning to this chair. Although this chair cheap, but it is comparable with the Aeron. It is also very comfortable and safe.

1. Lorell Executive High Back Chair, Available in 4 Colors

This is an executive chair with a high back rest. This furniture is ergonomic and designed for the natural curvature of your back.

Armrests can be adjusted to what you want to, either in height or width. Similarly, the seat is high from the floor. You can be adjusted from 17 “to 21″.

Using lime star nylon base, this chair for back pain can rotate 360 ​​degrees. There are also tilt and asynchronous control three spaces.

There are four colors offered:

They are black, green, pink and black1. Most consumers choose the black.

Review of Customers:

A customer stated that he had suffered from back pain and butt from sitting on an old kitchen chair.

However, he soon bought a new chair healthy and comfortable.

After several years, he never gets backache. Although each day sitting in this chair for 8 hours. This seat is also comfortable.

It was very cheap. There are many choices in the store. You can choose the lowest price of $ 79 to $ 400. But, he eventually bought this chair for under $ 200. It looks great.

From experience using this best chair for back, he knew that many uncomfortable chairs sold in the market / shops. The chairs were just nice from the outside view.

best chair for back

best chair for back

2. SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back

It’s also a best office chair for back. It is the best-selling chair in the market. Equipped with lumbar support that help you free of back pain.

An employee at a military unit stated he had just ordered hundreds of these chairs for office. It is very comfortable seat. Many people praised it.

It is appropriate to promote your posture in order to grow well and healthy. Moreover, for those who work at a computer for up to 12 hours a day. This is perfect for them.

You can rest your back if tired to work. This desk chair for back pain is suitable for you with short or tall. All can enjoy the comfort of this chair.

Arm chair you can customize. You need to find a table that is high in accordance with the position of the chair so that you feel comfortable while working.

How much is this seat?

This seat sold at $ 161.69, now. This price after the cut for the discount. You will get free shipping.

That are two examples of the best chair for back. You can choose one or more that fit into your office or home.