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Black Computer Desks: Contemporary Corner Desk by Walker Edison


  • Walker Edison 3-Piece Corner Desk with Black Glass; Best-Selling

Black computer desks made of Walker Edison can be another option when you want to get a glass computer desk. Previously, I have reviewed the clear glass computer table, also made by Walker Edison. Its name is the Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk.

Both are best-selling. You can choose it according to your wishes. Whether to choose the computer desk with clear or black glass. Most people choose the clear glass table. But, according to the data in the Internet, the difference between both is not too big.

black computer desks

The clear glass table is cheaper than the black glass table. It is sold at $ 119.08. This price is after you get 30% discount. Meanwhile, the black glass table is $ 140.30 after you get a 44% discount.

Black Computer Desks with Modern Design

Black computer desks made of the Walker Edison is shaped l with three pieces of glass. This is a corner computer desk with a sleek modern design. It is made of steel frame with black finish.

Meanwhile, the black desk uses leg shaped x with horizontal bars so solid. You can put the CPU stand on the table. You can also put the computer and printer or other items on it.

Hardware for assembly are provided by the manufacturer so you will have no difficulty. You will also get the sheet of assembly instructions. It takes about thirty minutes to an hour to complete assembling.

The black computer desks are perfect for home office. You can saves space because the desk can be placed in the corner of your room.

Very Nice and Sturdy: Rating of 4.3

The consumers generally expressed that the black computer desks are very nice and sturdy. From 193 reviews, 105 people starred 5 and 58 others starred 4. Overall, this computer desk got rating of 4.3.

So, this glass computer desk is very well and it is one of the best-selling computer desks.

You should not hesitate to buy this table. If there is a problem, in general it not principal. For example is placing keyboard. Instruction of the manufacturer recommends to attach the bracket to the table first.

But there are consumers who suggested trays and arm assembly is done separately before putting it on the table.

However, the users generally were pleased with the black computer desks and did not face the problem. They could put all the items that they wanted on the table. This glass desk is thick, sturdy, secure and nice.


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