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Boss Ergonomic Drafting Chairs with Leatherplus


  • Boss Multi-Function Leatherplus Drafting Stool, Best-Selling

Boss is known as a company that has produced many models of ergonomic drafting chairs with good quality. One of them is the Boss Multi-Function Leatherplus Drafting Stool. This boss drafting stool is equipped with adjustable arms.

In addition using a compact and good design, the boss ergonomic drafting chairs use black leather plus that is very nice and smooth so the quality looks very good seat. They are also sturdy and tall.

Therefore, when sitting on this seat, you’re in ergonomic position with elbows and knees are at 90 degrees.

ergonomic drafting chairs

This will make the seat very comfortable for you. Moreover, this drafting chair is equipped with multiple adjustment features.

You can rest your feet on the foot ring when feeling tired standing in front of the table. Although it is non-adjustable foot ring.

Some features come with the locking mechanism so that you can enjoy sitting position that you want without fear of change or shift.

This seat can rotate and move with a very smooth and stable.

Ergonomic Drafting Chairs Suitable for Homeschooling

The ergonomic drafting chairs are also suitable for homeschooling activities. Suppose you are a teacher. If you feel tired, you can rest your feet on the foot ring.

This feature will allow you to see your writing on the board without getting out of your seat. Besides being used by adults, this seat preparation is also used by children.

In short, you are not wrong if you choose this chair that is high, convenient and affordable. Overall, from the users, this chair got 3.9 rating. This means the seats are pretty good.

Michael J, customer: This chair is very good. Better than any chair I’ve ever seen or I sit. Although the seat was two or three times more expensive than this chair.

Angela L Moore, customer: this drafting chair is equipped with a lift so fantastic that it is very comfortable. Easy to put together. This seat works well on my counter that need a bit high chair.

Carl Ciccone, customer: This seat is large and comfortable as my old chair is worth $ 400. This chair is cheaper, more than half of the price of my old chair. What is the problem?

You need to know that there are other models of Boss ergonomic drafting chairs. One of them is similar of Multi-function Leatherplus Drafting Stool with Adjustable Arms.

That is Multi-function Leatherplus Drafting Chair with Loop Arms. You can choose one according your liking. The difference of both is with loop arms and with adjustable arms. But, all are the best-selling.

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