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If you want to get an executive chair with the high backrest and made of leather, you can choose the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair. This seat is preferred by many consumers because of its convenience. In fact, the Boss executive chairs are the best-selling for top rank in the Amazon for a couple of categories.

Therefore, if you want the best executive chair with a budget under $ 200, you can choose this seat. It is the best ergonomic office chair equipped with  lumbar support and pneumatic seat height adjustment.

The Boss Executive chairs use high quality leather plus that looks stylish and luxurious. Also comes with a waterfall seat design that can make your feet not tired. Even though you sit for hours here. Upright locking place and adjustable with tilt tension control.

This is a great seat with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. You who weighs more than 200 pounds will get the comfortable sitting in this chair. In addition to the price under $ 200, you are not charged shipping cost. The assembly of the chair is also easy. No special tools required to do the assembly.

Customer Review of Boss Executive Chairs

You want evidence of this? Here is the testimony of M. Lupton, a buyer from USA. He stated had often make purchases for the office chair. However, the Boss executive chairs are different. These are the best chairs that he found. All were delivered in the simple box.

The assembly is also very easy. He just needed to push it back into place, put the wheels and put on a pedestal seats. That’s enough. Do not need special tools and no complicated instructions.

This boss black leatherplus executive chair is very comfortable because it has a thick soft pillow. This is thicker than a few seats that you found at the Wall-Mart or Office Depot. M. Lupton with a great body felt happy sitting on this chair because it is able to support his weight. Most chairs are made with weight capacity under 200 lbs.

Frame of these seats is heavy-duty so it can last a long time. This is the boss executive chair review of a consumer who has experience with many seats.

Back lumbar support will keep you always healthy. These Boss executive chairs that are perfect for you who work hours daily in front of a computer, including gaming players. Thousands, even millions of people, have used this very comfortable seat.

You can choose the black or brown seat. On the video above is the brown one. Boss company is known produced many model of the best ergonomic seat.

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