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Find Sporty and Stylish Computer Gaming Chairs: Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair


Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman is one of the computer gaming chairs that is sporty and stylish. Many people love it because it is not too expensive, but perfect and very comfortable. This seat seems as the chair of a high-end sports car.

Some women said that their husbands were very pleased with this game chair. They bought this furniture as gift for their husbands, for example as Christmas gift. Generally, their husbands use the computer gaming chairs almost every day.

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This seat uses a black imitation leather. It is equipped with 3 channels audio feature,  FM wireless. It produces great sound and integrated speakers and subwoofer. Of course, this chair will not make you suffer from back pain or other because it uses an ergonomic design.

You can use this gaming chair anywhere in the room you want. It can be placed in the game room, bedroom, family room or other. You can add the modification to get the greatest comfort.

Some Wives Bought Computer Gaming Chairs for Their Husband

Do you want to know the testimony of some wives who bought the computer gaming chairs for their husband? If so, the following is their testimony.

Stephanie, customer, stated that her husband was very happy with this seat to play the game. Her husband is an avid gamer. Now, her husband uses this chair almost every day.

Not only her husband, 17-month-old son was also happy to sit in this chair. When using the chair, her husband liked to sit near the television so no need wireless feature.

Nelle684, customer, stated that her husband is 6′ and fit with this seat. Although the rear backrest height is less to head rest, but this chair works well. This is a comfortable seat for gaming.

Her husband liked the bass on this chair. Meanwhile, the wireless was not so great, there is a little static. However, for her and her husband, it’s not a big deal. She is very happy with the Ottoman so that it can be placed in the corner when not in use.

Her husband just complained about the seating is too close to the floor. The solution is she bought Slipstick CB511 2-Inch Riser Gripper, then putting it under the seat. She also added 8 Pack Black Raise It’s under Slipstick so that the seating can be higher.

In short, this chair is a high quality product. You can modify it so that it becomes the very comfortable chair according to your condition.

Computer Gaming Chairs for Christmas Gift

Here is the story of a husband, Kevin. He told that his wife bought this gaming chair ottoman as a Christmas gift for him. Actually, his wife would buy the greatest V3 gaming chair. But this can not be folded, so finally chose the Cohesion chair. He was very pleased with this seat, as well as his wife.

He is 6 ‘, fit with this game chair. Vibration speaker power makes him able to play the game more intense. His brother, when saw this chair, said that he wants to buy for his children. Many teenagers also love the computer gaming chairs.

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