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Counter Height Table Set, Best Dining Table by Crown Mark


This Counter Height Table Set is very great. I am happy with this furniture. As shown in the image, this furniture for dining consists of four pieces, which is a rather high table and three stools.

You are with family or friends can eat together here to relax. You can also use this crown mark dining set in a small apartment because they do not take up much space. Construction of this furniture is really solid. Table size is large enough.

You can place all this counter height table set in the kitchen room. It is indeed a great dining table. A lot of people love it.

Based on customer reviews, most of them gave five stars to this counter height table . This received rating 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. So, this counter table set is very good and a lot of buyers are satisfied.

Of course, more thousands buyers are very happy with this purchase, but they do not write a review on Amazon. It can be known from the best seller rankings by position 5,000s.

Counter Height Table Set

Are you interested in the device sets of the Crown Mark dining set? You can read the reviews of other readers.

Counter Height Table Set Very Affordable

The price of this counter height table setĀ  is not expensive. You can compare the similar products elsewhere. The price here is about $ 200.00. So, the price is very affordable because it is not expensive.

You will have no trouble to assemble this counter height dining table after arriving at your home or apartment. Although you are a woman without help. However, you need the tools to do the assembly; so that this assembly is not a difficult job and it don’t take a long time.

While at the dinner table delivery has been included tools to assemble, but you need a hammer and screwdriver or electric drill. These tools will help you to ease assembly with excellent results.

Crown Mark DiningĀ  Set Comfort to Eat Together

You should read the assembly instructions that provided by the Crown Mark company as a manufacturer in the delivery box from this counter height table.

If you are having trouble, you can call a technician of the Crown Mark and will get the faster service. You should not hesitate to it. Many consumers expressed satisfaction with the service they received related to these devices, including to solve the assembly problem.

Most buyers of the Counter Height Table Set also stated that this furniture is comfortable to eat together and relax. In addition, it is also the best quality.

The Crown Mark company also provides other model you could choose if you don’t like the model above. For example, you can choose the model of 5 piece table set, 3-piece table set or other. However, according the data in Internet, most people choose the first model: the Counter Height Table Set.

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