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  • Availabe Some Models: Zody Fully Loaded, Zody Chair Basic, Zody Side Seat, etc.

If you want to get a good ergonomic chair,  the Zody seat made of Haworth company could be one option. Based on the experience of customers, the Haworth chair is very comfortable. Even, a user stated that the back pain he had suffered for a long time, can be cured.

It was fantastic, the customer said. Previously, he has used the Steelcase Leap seat. He still had gone to massage for his back problem. However, after using the  Haworth chair, he did not need a massage. Even, he declared the massage is not useful to him and he was disappointed with the last massage.

He worked at the computer for 50 hours a week. He has undergone the work for 15 years. He ever used the seat so bad so that he suffered back pain. It feels sore and stiff. He had gone to the massager every 2-3 weeks to heal his back pain.

Even, when he used the Steelcase Leap, he still had to massage. It is different after using the Haworth Zody so that he really likes this seating. The price is cheaper than the Aeron basic.

Haworth Chair has Some Models

haworth chair

The Zody seat consists of various types and models. The design of this seat is quite artistic. Lumbar support really helps keep your back. Also support for the upper back. The backrest is high so it is very convenient when you lean.

You have several options for this furniture. For example the Zody chair fully loaded. Of course, the price of this chair is more expensive because it has various adjustment features. The price is the same as the Aeron which are already very well known and as the top of ergonomic seating.

There is also the Zody seat with a highly adjustable. It is also very nice and could be an option. It is the seat task officially recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association and the first seating received a certificate to Cradle Gold.

Mahlers2nd, customer: For you who have to sit 7-9 hours each day, this seat will give you the best experience. This chair is more expensive than the Basic Aeron chair, but both look almost the same.

This best office chair was equipped with a backstop, pneumatic lift, tilt and lumbar forward, casters for hard floors and carpets, and highly adjustable 4-D arms.

That’s the Zody chair, which is known by the Haworth chair, where you could make it as the first choice for getting the very comfortable seat. Do you want to try it?

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