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Lipper Wooden Desk Chair for Homeschooling


  • Lipper Child’s Slanted Top Desk and Chair, Walnut

Lipper wooden desk chair can be the right choice for your children. This desk chair is prepared for school age children between 1 to 7 years. This seat is comfortable, cute, and sturdy.

One of best wooden desk chairs is Lipper Child’s Slanted Top Desk and Chair, Walnut. Generally, children are very happy with this furniture. They can learn to write, read, coloring pictures, etc. here.

This furniture is also equipped with place to store books, stationery, rulers, and other furniture needed by the children.

wooden desk chair

However, if your child is still too small, you can add cushion for seating so that it can add the seat height. Your children are not difficult to write on the table.

It is very wide table surface so that it can to put a variety of blank paper, coloring books for drawing, pencil boxes, etc.  This desk and chair are suitable for homeschooling activities. Your child can learn and play with pleasure at this desk chair.

Wooden Desk Chair Looks Good, Inexpensive

This wooden desk chair comes with a storage area. It looks good and is not expensive. It is also easy to clean. You simply use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean the dirt from the furniture.

Desk chair are made of wood with a walnut is produced by Lipper International. Typically, the damage happen in transit such as dents or broken due to dropped when unloading.

But, you do not worry too much because the damage can be replaced. Generally, the consumers are satisfied with this purchase. Apparently, the damage part of the furniture is very rare. So, you do not need to worry about this wooden desk chair.

That’s why this desk chair got rating of 4.4 out of customers. This means that this furniture is very good.

Jamie Gregory, customer: This is a great desk and chair. I gave it to my grandchildren aged 4 and 6 years. They were very happy with this furniture.

Peggy White, customer: I bought three pairs of wood desk chair for grandchildren aged 3-5 years. They were very pleased with the furniture. It was very interesting and easy to put together. It was really a nice desk chair at the best price.


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