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  • The Mirra Seats Basic; You Can Save 43%

For you who have a tight budget but want to get the most comfortable chairs like the Aeron, you do not need to worry. There are some options for you. For example, the Mirra Chairs or the used Aeron.

Of course, outside the two ergonomic chairs there are still the another seats that you can consider. However, in this article I only will review the Mirra chairs compared to Herman Miller Aeron. Which one is better?

mirra chairs

The Aeron and Mirra are produced by the Herman Miller, a furniture company that is well known. So, both came from the same company. The Herman Miller is known as the company that produces high quality products, such as the Embody.

Design of Mirra Chairs Looks Beautiful and Sexy

Therefore, the Mirra is also the seat with high quality. Why? It is made by the Herman Miller. Even, when designing the Mirra, Herman Miller invited Studio 7.5, the German design firm. That’s why the Mirra design looks beautiful and sexy. 

For providing convenience to users, this seat can also help cure your back pain. A medical student had suffered back injury due to sports. By using this seating, his back pain gradually could be cured.

Other user said almost the same. He also experienced back pain. However, after using the Mirra a few days, he felt his back pain started to go. He considered this seat is very comfortable like the Aeron.

The Mirra chairs also have some adjustment features. With some features, you can get the proper and comfortable seating place.

Therefore, that medical student wondered why people complain about the Mirra. He informs that with the proper assembly, this seat will function properly. To insert the screws during assembly, you need to use a 13mm socket key. Using the socket is required so that mounting the screw can be perfect.

Put the screws to the proper torque so it will not fall out. This is not difficult job. Mounting the screws need 30 minutes. You do not need to use special key. Tighten the screws, but not too tight.

T Kearney, customer: Mirra chairs are really the best. I don’t imagine going to buy the expensive seat. I am 20 years in business, I have changed seat several times. I got back pain because of sitting in the bad seat. With the new seat, now my back does not hurt anymore. I enjoy sitting in this seat. With a 12 year warranty means I pay $ 50 per year. I bought two Mirra chairs for home ..

Three Types of the Mira Chair

The Mira chair consists of three types, namely basic, full / highly customized without the forward tilt, and full forward tilt. You can choose it according to your needs. If you want the most comfortable seat and have enough budget, you can choose third type: full forward tilt. 

With third type, you will get the greatest comfort. There is difference price between the Mirra and Aeron. The Mira is cheaper, but has some important features as the Aeron. It could be the right choice for you to get the very comfortable and ergonomic seating.

You can choose the seat color according to your liking. Available some colors such as blue fog, citron, citron on shadow, felt green, etc. But most customers love graphite color. You can save 43% if you buy the Mirra chairs now.

The adjustment features for Basic Mirra seat are Fixed Arms, Standard Tilt, and Pneumatic Lift. There is no Lumbar Support.

The warranty: 12 years (like the Aeron).

If you want to get the better, you could choose the Mirra fully featured and delux adjustable as described above. Of course, the price is more expensive. Both have many types.



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