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Office Chairs for Tall People: Executive High-Back Chair by Office Star


If you are big and tall, you need to choose the High-Back Executive Seat by Office Star. The Star is known as a furniture company that produces many office chair for tall people. So, this company provides plenty of large seats for you.

You can choose the seat according to the posture and your budget. One of the office chairs for tall people is the High-Back Seat in black color. The chair is equipped with active lumbar support and a mesh screen on the back.

The lumbar support allows you to maintain the natural curve of your spine so it is always in the correct position and healthy. The lumbar is tender. There are also features of pneumatic for height adjustment, 360 degrees swivel, tilt, tilt tension, tilt lock, and tilt of synchronized knee.

The other is an adjustable headrest. Armrest pads are soft and fitted with adjustments. The chair measures 21-3/4 “wide x 19-1/2″ deep x 4-1/2 “high. Back size is 20-1/2″ wide x 32-3/4 “high. So, it is very suitable for you are high and great posture. The more important is that these large office seats are very comfortable.

Office Chairs for Tall People with Cool Design

A user who sit for hours in front of computer every day said that he enjoys the advantage of the lumbar support. It is a pillow using two screws making easy to move up and down. So, it can provides support to your back so that you’re always comfortable. Although you sit for hours but your back is always in the correct position.

Therefore, other user asks you who get back and neck problems can have this seat, for both upper-and lower back. Think that buying the large office chairs is as an investment for your health and job in the future. If your back is always healthy, you can work well and also increase work productivity.

Compared to going to a chiropractor, you are better using your money to buy the High-Back Executive Seat by Star. You could save and the price is also affordable.

This seat  is designed for you with great and height posture, not for short people. At least for you are 5’10. Why? Because the seat is equipped with headrest. It makes you are very uncomfortable when leaning your head. This feature is not suitable for the short stature.

Need to Set Up the Lumbar Support Properly

The use of nets is also really help you to enjoy the comfort. Your back and feet will not feel the heat, especially in summer because of using nets.

A user provides input on the use of lumbar support. You need to set it up so that it can provide maximum support and make the seat can function properly. Because he never set the adjustment feature, mesh fabric back of the chair was torn by the pressure of the lumbar support feature.

This experience is important for arranging all the features properly. Setting adjustment features can maximizes the use of seat so you can enjoy the comfort of the office chairs for tall people.


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