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Steelcase Leap Chairs with Navy Fabric

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The Steelcase manufactures many models of ergonomic chairs. One of them is the Steelcase Leap Chairs with Navy Fabric. This seat has several important features making it very convenient. In fact, this seat is number one in sales.

steelcase leap chairs

The important thing, this chair uses LiveBack technology. It makes the Steelcase Leap Chairs can  support and replicate the movement of your spine.
This allows you to sit comfortably all day. Other advantage is using the Natural Glide System. It makes you can lie down comfortably. Your eyes, arms, or neck not feel tired.

One factor that makes the Steelcase Leap Chairs known on the market is the lying mechanism. As the seat that have reclining mechanism side, this chair remains flat.

 Important Features of Steelcase Leap Chairs

You also will find another adjustment features that work best. They are pneumatic seat height adjustment, stop back variable-width high-pivot depth adjustable arms, black plastic frame, shell, base and arms, adjustable lumbar support, hardware and cloth casters.

All customization features make Steelcase leap chairs very comfortable and soft. It is smooth moves when you lean back. All these features provide support for comfort.

No its not. When you reclines, you can lie down without having to sit lower than usual. The depth of the seat is also always adjust. You can pull it backwards or forwards according to your posture.

It also makes your spine healthier and strong. Even, based on study with about 200 people was known that have happen an increase in productivity of 17.4% because of using the Leap chair.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to make you able to get a good lumbar support, regardless of your height. Meanwhile, the backrest can be adjusted to anywhere you wan to.

It can be vertical, forward, backward, side to side or rotating. The fabric can breathe properly so it does not overheat. Available in some colors such as black, burgundy, navy, gray, and camel.

However, most people choose the navy chair.

Other Models of Steelcase Leap Chair

The following is other models of the Steelcase chair. You can choose one that fits to your needs. They are:

  • Steelcase Leap Plus Fabric Seat, Burgundy
  • Steelcase Leap Plus Leather Seat, Mahogany

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