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Vinyl Bean Bag Chairs Most Popular


 Vinyl bean bag chairs are very popular. You can check out the bean bag that is manufactured by Ace Bayou for children and adolescents. One of the most popular is bean bag using vinyl cover.

Beside cheap, the vinyl is easy to clean. You do not have to bother if your bean bag get dirty or other stains. By using a cleaning cloth, you can remove the dirty easily.

vinyl bean bag chairs

The vinyl is also durable, stretchness, consisting of a variety of colors and patterns. Therefore, vinyl-coated polyester fabric is one of the most popular bean bag cover. Not only the Ace Bayou, several other companies also use this material for bean bag cover they produced.

The vinyl bean bag chairs also look beautiful, bright and quality. You can fill it with brand new charger easily. Charging bean bag chair is important to get a more comfortable seat. There are also consumers who prefer foam beads for superior density and length. While, some other consumers prefer to fill the bean bag with beans because it is softer.

The Best Vinyl Bean Bag Chairs

One of the vinyl bean bag chairs are preferred by many customers is the Matte Round Bean Bag by Ace Bayou. Even, it is the best-selling on Amazon. It is a small bean bag chair. Other option is the Primary Round Bean Bag, Multi.

Price of both vinyl bean bag chairs above are very cheap, under $ 50. Your children will feel happy to use this device.  It is suitable to sit, play, sleep, etc. In fact, your dog or cat also love to lie here.

This bag is very convenient: it can be used for reading, watching TV, playing games, etc. This device is made of 100 percent of vinyl and is easy to clean. There are a variety of matte and shiny colors that are favored by children and adolescents.

There are large and small models. You can choose one that you like. Limited warranty is 30 days.

Based on the customer reviews, the Primary Round Bean Bag got better rating than the Matte Round Bean Bag. The Primary got a 4.3 rating, while the Matte got a 3.6 rating. The price of the Primary is also higher than the Matte. But all are still under $ 50.

Testimonies of Small Bean Bag Chair

The following are testimonies of two customers of small bean bag chair they bought:

Dr. Clint Bunke, customer: I bought the Primary for my grandson in California. My grandson was very happy with the gift. Once the bean bag on the floor, my grandson flopped straight with aplumb  into the bag and play in it.

Sheila Cepero, customer:  I bought this bean bag for my 5 year old nephew. I was very pleased with the variety of bright colors. This vinyl bean bag is very comfortable and sturdy.


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